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Guessed by @Machina

This was the hardest game for me to rank last year, partly because it's very much unlike most games I play, making it difficult to compare to the others around here, but also simply because I played it so late in the year that I barely had time to process my thoughts on it before slotting it somewhere into the list. Well, those thoughts have been mostly processed now, and they read "masterpiece".

That's the only way I can describe this. How it masterfully translates the atmosphere and dread of Alien, one of my favorite movies, into the even more terrifying interactive format, this game had my thumb glued to the spacebar and my senses glued to that motion tracker, I can still hear its sounds over a year later. I've played very few horror games but I doubt I'll ever play one that makes me as tense as scared as this did. Even in its few quieter moments, everything about this game makes you feel uneasy, and I love how, in good Alien spirit, everything here is something to look out for - the xenomorph is an unstoppable murder machine, but it also brings out the very worst in humanity and its androids, making anything and everything a threat.

I know I often judge games here on how much I'm willing to replay them, but Alien: Isolation is something I never want to revisit and that only makes me rate it higher. Though I'd be lying if I wasn't interested in watching other people suffer through it.

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