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TheMisterManGuy said:

The funny thing about the Switch is that, if you actually try to use it as a pure, no-nonsense home console for hardcore gaming (Keeping it permanently docked, using only the Pro Controller)... It kinda sucks, especially if you own other systems. Its woefully under-powered compared to the other consoles, it's online service is still mediocre, you still miss out on all the biggest AAA third party games, and when you do get them, they're heavily compressed miracle ports or cloud versions. It just becomes a lame Xbox One knock-off at that point. The Switch only becomes a good system when you actually use it as intended (Playing un-docked frequently, detaching the Joy-Con for multiplayer or motion controls, etc.)

Yet apparently, some people prefer that shit, which is why you see some people argue that the Switch is some kind of return to "hardcore" Nintendo, yet the console's two best selling games are Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and Animal Crossing New Horizons. The two most casual and newbie friendly franchises in existence. Don't get me wrong, I adore the GameCube, but it's one of Nintendo's least successful consoles for a reason. It was a hardcore Nintendo system, for hardcore Nintendo fans, and look how well that turned out.

The funny thing about all consoles is that they are all filthy casual machines compared to PC. No console will ever out-spec PC gaming. You can use all controllers and control methods on PC. Even games that release with bad ports or in a crappy state that don't get patched by the dev will get modded by the community, to say nothing of all of the other QoL and extra content mods. Sony and Microsoft put their own first party AAA games on PC, and emulators eventually cover everything that doesn't come to it. PS5 and X Series are lame PC knock-offs at this point. And gaming online only costs what you pay your ISP. The only reason to own a PS5 is for PS+. The only reason to own an Xbox is for... convenience of not needing to build your own PC.

So Switch isn't alone going by that logic of stripping away reasons to own a Switch. Why game on anything that isn't a PC?

zeldaring said:
Cobretti2 said:

Casual gamer is someone who just plays one or two games to just pass time, or in say only during a social gathering (i.e. Wii)

Core gamer is just someone who likes to play a variety of games and usually completes them but has a grip on reality and can function in the real world.

Hardcore gamer is someone who gives up on life and work and sits playing games 3-4 days straight till they pass out I guess lol.

Now what is confusing is how can games be classified casual, core and hardcore?

Let's use Just Dance or Guitar Hero as an example. Most gamers on here would consider them casual, however if people play them till they can do the dance moves blind folded or play the instruments blind folded and enter competitions, is that technically not hardcore gaming lol?

I would also add that a core gamer would probably just buy one console and you would miss so many big AAA games from the industry om switch and never mind that they would be a huge down grade.

I'd argue that any console made by the Big 3 or a gaming PC is all you need. I seriously cannot comprehend how anyone with any semblance of balance in their social and work life could find the time to blow through every worthwhile game (in other words, not specifically AAA, exclusives or super-highly rated, but games that someone would enjoy tailored to their tastes) on a console in the span of its lifetime. Unless that person has very narrow tastes (not a "hardcore" gamer but someone who is there for only one or two genres), I think every console has enough variety and content to satisfy the palates of the majority of people who dedicate a decent amount of time to gaming without completely no-lifing it.

Last edited by burninmylight - on 18 December 2023