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TheMisterManGuy said:
Leynos said:

There is no such thing. The dumbass label was created by insecure dumbasses.

Funny thing is, this whole sentiment started because of Nintendo's infamous E3 08, when all they had to show that year WAS non-gamer/newbie software. The media and Nintendo diehards ripped them to shreds for that conference, and the Wii had a difficult time recovering from that perception. But at least Satoru Iwata admitted that presentation went too far in that direction and tried to course correct in later years of the Wii.

Yet, Microsoft spends five years in a row trying to shove Kinect down everybody's throat with the Xbox 360 and initially, the Xbox One, with almost nothing for "core gamers", and the general media response was more or less "eh.. its whatevs." 

It was always pretty unfair that Nintendo got so much shit for one bad year in 2008, yet Microsoft's Kinect fetish did far more lasting damage than that, and people weren't nearly as harsh.

No, it started when Nintendo marketed a console that looked like a purple lunch box with a controller that looked like it was made by Fischer-Price, and showed off "Cel-da" at E3 2001. Then continued when Nintendo was using Mario Party and Pac Man Vs. to compete with Grand Theft Auto III. The Wii just brought the sentiment into the mainstream and justified it in many insecure dumbasses' minds when they could now stand on the backs of system specs comparisons.

Yeah E3 '08 was a shit-show, yet the Switch was still selling shitloads, and it's best selling third party game was Carnival Games, released a year earlier. If Nintendo had completely skipped E3 that year, absolutely nothing about the console's perception or Nintendo's history changes.