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Chrkeller said:
curl-6 said:

To an extent I can agree, but even on a good TV, going from 1080p to 4K just isn't the leap that going from 480p to 720p was back in the day, while technologies such as raytracing take a huge amount of power to deliver a difference that can be fairly subtle vs a well implemented baked solution. 

Compared to PC ports, ports to Switch 2 will have the advantage of being able to optimize for a specific set of specs, as well as an audience that are more accepting of substantial cutbacks. On Switch 1 for instance we saw ports of games whose minimum specs were, on paper, way beyond the Tegra X1, but which still made the transition in decent form.

Hellblade II is owned my Microsoft now, so that may be off the table, but in theory if it was to be ported, (or Alan Wake II or Cyberpunk) it would simply need more in-depth reworking, similar to the recent Switch port of Hogwarts Legacy where they remade a lot of the assets and effects.

I fully agree the jump to 4k isn't impressive.  1440p is a sweet spot.  To me there is where OLED kicks in.  The ps5 has much better lighting and volumetric effects than the ps4.  But OLED is way superior to LCD for those kinds of effects.  One of the major deficiencies for the switch is surround sound.  It is terrible on the switch but amazing on the ps5.  But if someone is using TV speakers that bump is negated.

I think any game can be ported to any system.  Just a matter of how many sacrifices need to be made and how important tech is to someone.  My TV supports 120 fps and personally I view 120 fps as game changing.  I wouldn't buy a switch port over PC and drop from 120 fps to 30 fps.  But that is all personal preference.

Either way, I think we are going to start seeing some impressive games now that cross generation software is a thing of the past.  

I certainly hope so; it really has sucked a lot of the excitement out of this new gen for me, the way almost everything so far has been crossgen and nothing actually looked like "next gen".

Last gen, we had games like Ryse and Killzone Shadowfall on launch day that far exceeded anything on PS3/360, while the gen before it was Gears of War that really cemented how huge the leap in power was.

I still don't quite get that feeling from Hellblade II, but it's a good start; hopefully it's the tip of the iceberg in terms of how PS5/XBS games will look as the generation progresses.

Last edited by curl-6 - on 15 December 2023