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Guessed by @TruckOSaurus

Nothing will ever match the raw, visceral feeling of this game's combat.

Okay, I don't know, maybe one day something will. A sequel, hopefully? But it's unmatched so far.

Astral Chain just feels so good to play. It takes a rather ambitious idea - controlling two characters at once - and makes it feel seamlessly intuitive, while still having a significant learning curve and lots of depth beneath the surface. I feel like I could replay this game twelve times and I'd still be learning and improving, not only because the depth is there, but because it's so satisfying to actually get better, it's actually fun to play the game in the most optimal way, to use every single skill and mechanic at your disposal to destroy your enemies as fast as possible.

In most games, I can't be bothered to learn to play them "optimally", but with Astral Chain, it's like it opened up a whole new way of experiencing what was already a great game. It's got a great soundtrack, it's got a strong art direction with some of the best visuals on the Nintendo Switch (albeit still held back by the console). The story might be somewhat cliché, but it hits when it needs to and it has some really interesting worldbuilding behind it, it puts just enough juice behind its setting to really get your imagination going. Even the non-combat gameplay is pretty decent, if rarely more than that, but man, that combat really is something else, and it's gonna keep me coming back to this for a long time yet.

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