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Garrus said:

come on, the ONLY game console that has ever been sold for more than 7 years was the Xbox 360, so no, if we don't get a Switch 2 before March it isn't "normal", it will be only the second time that has ever happened before in history


NES: 8 years
PSP: 8 years
Gameboy:12 years

and those are just the life cycles. I haven't even gotten started with the total shelf time

Xbox One: 9 years
GBA: 9 years
PSP: 10 years
3DS: 10 years
Wii: 10 years
PS4: 10 years
WiiU: 11 years
PS3: 11 years
Xbox 360: 11 years
DS: 12 years
PS1: 12 years
PS2: 13 years
Gameboy: 14 years
Game & Watch: 14 years
SNES: 14 years
NES: 21 years.

Why are you worried if something isn't normal. I would be excited if something isn't normal, because it means something happened to it (good, or bad). Also nothing is normal. I think you meant to say "average". Because the average console life cycle is 7 years, and the average shelf life is around 11 years.

The trend (but is not always the case) is that any console that sells over 10 years is surpassing the 100M unit mark.
The Switch is something remarkable because it hasn't even reached its 8th year of selling and is at 134M sold, selling an average of 17.3M per year. No other console has been able to sell as fast as the Nintendo Switch, with exception to the DS.
PS2 had to sell 12.15M per year to reach it's position as the best selling console of all time at 158M.

Lifetime Sales Predictions 

Switch: 160 million (was 120 million, then 140 million, then 150 million)

PS5: 130 million (was 124 million)

Xbox Series X/S: 54 million (was 60 million, then 57 million)

"The way to accomplish great things, is to be indefatigable and never rest till the thing is accomplished." - Joseph Smith Jr.