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BasilZero said:

This is Kojima maximum unhinged lol

I didnt see the trailer until now but damn that is...cringe lol

Its like ever since he left Konami, went crazy - if it was any other developer, they would have disappeared or became close to unknown (like the creators of Mega Man and Final Fantasy).

But his ties to Hollywood got him back up.

Anyways, still need to play Death Stranding but I'll have OD wishlisted as well.

Well Kojima is a frustrated would be movie director/producer/script writer/cinematographer/ best boy who has made a living mashing stuff from hollywood into his games, for those that are curious about him being a frustrated movie director, just watch Escape from New York then play MGS.the connection isn't subtle and will hit you between the eyes to me it came across as why create my own MC when I can steal one and call it homage, transporting Snake Plissken into a world filled with crazy anime style characters with each subsequent game going further in that direction.


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