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Guessed by @S.Peelman

"What the hell happened here?"
- Me from 12 years ago, if he saw this

A Link to the Past was my favorite game growing up. I loved it like nothing else back in my early childhood, when I got rather deep into it without knowing a shred of English, but could never finish it. I moved on eventually, but when I gave this another go in 2011, I finally played through the whole game and it remained my favorite game well into my teenage years. However, it's now getting close to a decade since I last played it, maybe it's because I got burnt out from replaying it so many times, but I've genuinely lost interest and just don't think of it as highly as I used to. It's kept a very high place in these lists because of sentimental value, but I feel like even that value is fading. I'm sorry, Link to the Past. You're still a masterpiece.

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