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jonathanalis said:

What if Switch 1 just stream Switch 2 games?

I mean. With the release of a new game console, there is a dilemma: Crossgen or fully focus on the new console? 

- You want to either keep supporting the users of the old console with new content (because statistically, most will move to the new console only after the third year or later). Also, Switch 2 will likely to be expensive, many will not upgrade as early. Also, a game developer would want to have the biggest installed base as possible for your game.

Where is that dilemma?

Most Switch 1 gamers who don't want to switch to Switch 2 yet, won't suddenly stop buying games for their handheld.

There is a catalogue of over 10,000 Switch 1 games.
Even most people who only buy first party games probably won't have already bought half (or a third) of the over 200 Nintendo published Switch 1 titles.

Also streaming games without a proper WiFi connection is problematic.