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Guessed by @UnderwaterFunktown

This year, I watched my closest friend finish his playthrough of this game, and his distaste for a lot of its issues reminded me of how I felt when I played it for the first time, thus lowering my opinion of it a bit. As much as I want it to get a beautiful remaster like its predecessor did, Prime 2 would be best suited for a remake that's more willing to change the game in order to make it better - crucially, the very flawed Dark World, a great idea that wasn't executed very well, largely due to how much this game was visibly rushed. I just wonder, if it was given maybe just another year in development back then, Echoes might've been one of the best Metroid games, if not the best altogether. Everything it does well is so good, the atmosphere, the worldbuilding and storytelling, the insane map design and interesting power-up ideas, everything about it just feels so Metroid.

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