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KratosLives said:

Have you tried Bg3 after yesterdays big patch?  

I never really played much online Gt. I played with a mate for a while, but it was just us to messing arround. When I do play gt7, it's going to be the licenses and normal races, checking out all the other car related history stuff and museums, photo mode. Don't think i'll be doing online.  I might check out bspec mode, haven't done it since gt4. There's so much attention to detail in these games. I need to get myself rehyped before jumping in. Probably spend a week just abosrbing myself in car related stuff before playing.

Not yet, I don't have room to patch BG3 atm lol. Finishing up Miles Morales so I can delete it, patch BG3 and install RE4. I do still have GT7 installed which takes up a lot of space (BG3 as well)

GT7 is the best if you love cars. I love the actual racing more than the car culture / history, racing is not its strongest point. You'll definitely enjoy the cafe mode progression with all the historic details etc. B-spec will be useful to grind for credits for the historic cars. Those are very detailed, fun to drive and collect. I had to resort to this to grind credits. Glitch in the performance points system (fixed now) to enter a vastly overpowered car to earn 3.3 mil credits per hour.

But it was worth it to get to drive cars like these :)

Watching that I do want to play more GT7, sitting inside the cars in VR is a whole new level of awesome. I wish I could touch all the buttons and play with the radio :) Car detail is amazing in GT7.