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Guessed by @Mnementh

No Man's Sky has had a wild ride in these here lists, which makes sense as its development has been a wild ride. The game wasn't very good when it initially launched, and I could barely run it on my old PC, but I still enjoyed it a lot back then, thus it made my 2016 list in at #45. Then it missed out on the list for the next three years, guess I stopped caring once hype season got past me? But I got back into it in 2020, with my new PC allowing me to run it well and experience it in a much better state after all those updates. That year, it made the #50 spot, which I think of as a sort of glorified honorable mention - then it was an honorable mention in 2021, back to #50 last year... and now, well, here it is. I played a crap ton of No Man's Sky this year and loved every second of it, so it's broken into the "here to stay" part of this list. And with a +19, this is probably one of the biggest leaps a game's made here year-on-year, and it's the closest thing I have on this list to a "new" game, cause I feel strongly about it this time.

The picture up there was taken by myself - that's the home I built on my new save, that's my ship on the landing bay, and of course, that's my playable character on the balcony. Yes, I'm a cool-looking Gek! No, I don't defend the First Spawn! Anyways, I've named my home Vojzek Yokor, and here's a little tour video if anyone wants to see it, though there's been some additions since the time of filming this. It really feels like home down there, as long as you're not getting attacked by a T-rex

Even all these years and hundreds of hours on, I've still never gotten to the center of the galaxy, so much for "main quest" objectives, heh. I just love being in this game. It brings me joy and wonder, awe and comfort, and it always brings me back for more after a while. I think it's the end-all be-all of space exploration games, it's at least that much. Nothing beats the feeling of suddenly stumbling into something completely new you had no idea about, 200 hours into a playthrough. No Man's Sky just keeps on giving, it really does. I wonder by how many more hours that playtime number is gonna go up.

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