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Guessed by @Mnementh

I have a real love-hate relationship with this game, but it's just sad, because the only reasons to hate it are technical limitations. Little performance hiccups, massive wait times to get into any game, disconnects and communication errors, or just generally really laggy gameplay. Everything about the online experience is a mess - it genuinely fascinates me how online play keeps getting consistently worse with each Splatoon game - but everything else is just so good. I love the single-player campaign and am looking forward to the new DLC one they're prepping up. I love the crazy fun specials way more than the ones in previous games, I love how aggressive the online matches feel because of the linear maps focused on chokepoints. I love playing with many different kinds of weapons, I like the balancing a lot more in this than in Splatoon 2, I love the soundtrack, I love the whole vibe and Deep Cut. This game absolutely kicks ass, but I've stopped playing it cause the online element seriously held it back. Splatoon 3 deserved a better console.

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