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Chrkeller said:

I enjoy seeing people think burning and inhaling pot doesn't have cancer implications. Pyrolysis isn't a strong suit for some.

Pot smoke is loaded with benzo[a]pyrene and nitrosamines.  

There is a deficiency in controlled studies.  But no reasonable person can honestly think inhaling known carcinogens is risk free.  

There are some studies

However the big difference is, you inhale Marijuana smoke a couple times and you're done. Far different from smoking multiple cigarettes a day to chain smoking a pack or more a day. Plus extracts and edibles are a better way to get a consistent dosage without any risks for your lungs.

My wife has trouble with her lungs in this is a magnitude bigger problem than a few people exhaling some Marijuana smoke outside
She can't work outside when people are burning stuff or wildfire smoke blows in.

But yes, it's not risk free. It's just far less of a risk than habitual cigarette smoking and there are many alternatives that not involve smoking at all.