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I probably have a slightly uncommon opinion on this. I think it would make sense for a lot of countries to decriminalize marijuana.
The scam of medical marijuana should be exposed though, and it should not be allowed to market marijuana as medicin or prescribe it as such. The medical use is severely overrated. If someone came up with a pill that had identical effects to marijuana, never in a million years would it get approval by any drug agency. Too many drugs outperform marijuana and with far less side effects. The idea that something is natural should not lead to an easier path through the drug approval system.

The drug should remain illegal, due to effects such as psychosis and anxiety, as well as deaths indirectly caused by the drug (car accidents, suicides etc). But I support either a decriminalizion or reduction in punishment to a small fee for the user. A legalization can also make sense in the case of a national emergency, to remove the market for drug cartels.