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Guessed by @Veknoid_Outcast

By the time I got around to playing this, I was just starting to imagine how awesome it'd be to have a Metroid game where you can travel to and explore multiple planets, little did I know I was just getting myself into a game exactly like that! I remember being absolutely mind-blown by this game's opening moments, and the first few planets you get to explore after that, Bryyo, Elysia, it was all so amazing... there were some annoying bits in there too, mainly the many mini-bosses, and the story could've definitely done a much better job of capturing the isolation this series is known for, but I really loved this game a lot.

It's kind of a "honeymoon" game though, once you get past the novelty of it, its flaws really start to bog it down. The ending was largely boring, and I barely enjoyed the game at all when I replayed it. Maybe I shouldn't have - Corruption is probably best as a one-time experience.

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