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Guessed by @UnderwaterFunktown

Man, I miss the days when I could look forward to a Pokémon game knowing it'd be a great time. Black 2 & White 2 are largely seen by the fanbase as the last Pokémon entries to have that standard of quality, a statement I almost agree with, even if I don't think these are the greatest entries in the series, not by a long shot. As sequels to the original Black & White, I didn't appreciate how they presented a more standard-fare story, but it still worked well and it was interesting to see what happened in Unova after the events of the preceding games. As general Pokémon games though, these are amazing - loads of content, great roster of 'mons to pick from, great soundtrack, and just the right balance of freedom/guidance to make for a fun experience while retaining some semblance of an interesting storyline and good characters. Distant times indeed.

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