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Guessed by @Machina

This game gets a lot of flack for the many issues it admittedly has (over-reliance on parrying, too much padding, that ending...), but it's only maligned because of the existence of Another Metroid 2 Remake that was released by a fan a year earlier. In truth, I think both the official and the fanmade remakes fail at capturing different aspects of the original, and they excel in different areas. However, Samus Returns always stood out to me for its awesome atmosphere and how immersive it felt to look at its world through that little 3D screen - it had awesome boss fights, it really made each Metroid encounter feel meaningful and rarely got too repetitive (except for the Gamma sections). It's not perfect but I had a lot of fun and it was awesome to see the sidescrolling Metroid franchise come back in a new engine and style that was soon to be perfected...

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