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Guessed by @BonfiresDown

I know I said "no new games" on this year's list, but with Kingdom Two Crowns having never made an appearance here before, it may as well be one. Instead, this year I'm trying to give more of a spotlight to games that had a big meaning in my life, and I will never forget my time with this one - it was the first time my best friend (recently met at the time) invited me over to his family home in a different town, and over my stay there, he just put this on for us both to play and we were consumed by it.

I remember being mind-blown by the beautiful pixel art visuals and atmosphere, and from then on, each day passed us by in a flash as we kept developing our kingdom... It was a constant loop of seeing the sky outside get brighter and wondering how on earth the nights were passing so quick - and then we'd wonder for how much longer would we keep going instead of just going to sleep. We bonded a lot during that time, and I'll always cherish this game for it.

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