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javi741 said:

Switch down 20% for the month where value-added bundles, Mario Wonder, and a new Switch Oled Mario model released is underwhelming tbh. Of course the Switch is in it's 7th year and reaching saturation but I still expected a bit more this month considering all those things releasing at the same time, especially since October of 2022 didn't really have any big hitters. Switch might be declining quicker than I expected.

Yea the bundles were scarce in Europe and we didn't get the Mario Kart one, which would ofc have been the biggest. They do have a Mario Kart OLED bundle for black friday, but that's nothing special compared to other deals.

I said it beforehand but I really think Nintendo should have done more to push sales in Europe, it was clearly their weakest market moving into the holiday and with the console being 7 years old they needed to be more aggressive to get people's attention, for example bundling Wonder or TotK instead or doing a straight up discount. They'll still do fine I suppose but we could have seen a much smaller decline.

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