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Bandorr said:
OneTime said:

How does that work?  The charities would assume (like everyone else would), that every year $10,000 was split between 5 or so charities and submitted by credit card on their websites.

It's not like it was millions of dollars that they're going to be chasing.

Most charity streams I've seen work for one charity.  I'm not sure I've ever seen one with 5.

This also wouldn't be chasing it. This would be you running an event with someone. Like you are there with them, talking to them and being informed by them.

Should be easy enough to keep a note "X money from Y person on Z day" etc.

Ah...  watch the Karl Jobst video.  He was saying on stream that the money went to a bunch of charities.  The charity he was streaming with was an organization called "Open Hands Foundation" (interesting name in hindsight) that is run by him and his family.  

Personally I've never seen a streamer do more than have the link to a charity website with a "donate referencing XXX streamer" link, but they were all doing $500 targets.

I remember a massive bust up with the guy he originally ran the channel with (Greg).  Greg forced the channel to take down every video that he appeared in.  It sounded very petty and vindictive and I couldn't think of any reason that would justify what Greg did...  Now I can think of one scenario where that would be what I would do as well.

Last edited by OneTime - on 21 November 2023