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curl-6 said:
DonFerrari said:

Customers stopped buying X1 and its games long before they had even announced series, PS3/PS4 also had much shorter legs than PS2. Again customers will reduce their purchase at some point and that defines when the next gen will kick in not the wishes and projections of the manufacturers.

But that didn't make MS release the Xbox Series sooner. Companies have a planned timetable for these things years in advance, they don't watch weekly sales and go "okay we're losing sales, release the next one now." MS especially won't want to release much before the PS6 so that they don't get leapfrogged in technology.

So you don't think Nintendo antecipated their launch of Switch due to WiiU blunder or that MS and Sony would have delayed the release of PS4/PS5 X1/Series if the sales of the SW of the previous system was still as strong as in the peak?

Not sure your point of being leapfrogged makes much sense actually, X360 their most successful console owns a good portion of it to a 1 year earlier release (which also most likely rushed PS3 release), and X1 being weaker than PS4 wasn't the issue (as we can see that Series S outsell X and PS5 is weaker than X on paper but comfortably outsell it).

Companies do have timelines and expected plan, but they most certainly change based on sales of HW/SW, and not because of a one week sales but they certainly keep monitoring their quarterly results and will change plans if they get to out of forecast.

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