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S.Peelman said:

Those graphs comparing Switch entries to previous entries in series are totally bonkers.

curl-6 said:

Nice to get an update on Twilight Princess; 7.5 million may not seem like a lot these days when BOTW and TOTK are pulling in 8 figures, but this put it just 100k shy of Ocarina of Time as the highest selling Zelda before the series' reinvention.

That's also only the Wii version, so with the 1.5M-ish sales on GameCube it managed basically 9M. Pretty good for back then and breaking OoT's record, but yeah it's funny how now after Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom our expectations have massively shifted. I remember back in 2016 or something saying that about 5M sales would be decent enough for Breath of the Wild.

Yeah now that we've become used to seeing the numbers that BOTW and TOTK have reached, it's easy to forget that not so long ago, just hitting 10 million would've been unheard of for the series. (Barring if we include Ocarina N64 + 3DS, but including a remake that came out 13 years later is kinda cheating)

Goes to show just how much of a gamechanger BOTW was.

Also shows that the myth of the Wii being a system where everyone just bought it for Wii Sports, played it for a week, then never touched it again is just that, a myth, when a very traditional "core" game like Twilight Princess can reach new series records on it.