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Kyuu said:

5. Actually-aggressive pricing didn't do shit for the Series S. So much for PS5 facing a much stronger competition compared to PS4! "PS4 only did well because the Xbox One and the Wii U sucked. PS5 is facing much stronger competition" I was told.

PS5's pricing so far isn't aggressive no matter how you spin it. Let me remind you that everyone whined and bitched about the $70/80 game price, and they whined again (myself included) when the PS5 got a price hike everywhere outside the US, claiming Sony is being super greedy and evil. Funny how quickly the narratives shift!

you reminded me of a gaming podcast I listened years ago. There were these two famous guys, Timdog and "Colt something". They said that the PS4 only sold 2:1 compared to the X1 due to "Don Matrick's" mistakes.

According to them, series S/X would capture a large market share by delivering "unparalleled performance" (series X) and "the best value" (series S).

Well, it looks like they were very wrong. Xbox reports are looking Very weak ( even with Starfield), while PS recent number are Just amazing ( and Spider-man 2 is not even included in their recent numbers). Looks like PS is set to 2:1 Xbox again.

Last edited by Manlytears - on 09 November 2023