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Honestly I expected the Switch to have a bigger drop in hardware sales this quarter YOY, closer to 2.5M. The fact that it still sold close to 3M on a relatively quiet quarter where the TOTK hype died down, no major game releases,no new hardware models, and was on the eve of a Switch value-added bundle is impressive. Barely a drop compared to last year this quarter and last year had Splatoon 3 launch that quarter with a Splatoon hardware model.
For the fiscal year the Switch is slightly up compared to last which is crazy for a console in its 7th year. Definitely feel like Nintendo low-balled their 15M forecast I think it should comfortably be closer to 16M this fiscal year.

TOTK now at 19.5, lower than I expected at this point I was expecting closer to 22M, but regardless still will sell very well as an evergreen title.
Still shocks me how there's been 0 oversaturation with Mario Kart, now at 57M sold and 65M sold when including the Wii U version. I think it should be able to pass Pubg's 75M to become the 3rd bestselling non-bundled game of all time.
Other than that, no surprises on the software side, everything is selling well as you'd expect.