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VAMatt said:

You've likely conflated correlation with causation. Almost certainly, the reduction in problems is related to the legalization, not the regulation.  I can't prove a negative, but common sense tells me it is likely the case. 

I have no interest in keeping capitalism in check with government. That's not really even possible. In all of the developed world, government and business are one and the same.  In many cases, it is literally the same people. In others, the people differ, but the locus of control does not.  It's like saying the police should investigate themselves (something we hear a lot about in the US lately).  It doesn't make any sense.

Regulation causes consumers to not look out for themselves as well as they should, as they mistakenly believe that government is doing it for them. I understand the concept of regulation being a good thing. But, in practice, regulation causes problems, it doesn't solve them.  

How are consumers supposed to look out for themselves without regulations protecting the public?

Yes the influence of big corporations on government and regulatory bodies is a huge problem. Getting rid of regulations isn't going to fix anything. Regulations are not the problem, the revolving door between politics and big business positions is the problem. Just like we separated church and state, business should be separated from the state as well.