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VAMatt said:
Machina said:

Yes. Legalise, regulate, tax. I'd do the same for most other drugs, and prostitution.

All drugs should be completely legal. Regulation does more harm than good, and taxation is theft. So I can't get behind those things.

Prostitution should be completely legal as well. 

There are no victims with any of these things, therefore they are not crimes by any reasonable definition. 

Err, without regulation, making prostitution legal will cause plenty victims. Regulation has made the porn industry safer and reduced victims.
As for drugs, big pharma and big tobacco would love to sell you drugs without regulations.
Taxation pays for regulation.

How would you keep capitalism in check without regulation?

I lived in the Netherlands around the time prostitution was legalized. Heavily regulated, with positive effects.

Dutch cities that regulate prostitution in dedicated areas see a dramatic decline in rapes and sexual assaults, a new study finds. Proponents of legalizing prostitution argue that by regulating the flesh trade, sex workers are better protected.