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The government delivers up to 30 grams at my door, free delivery, just need to present a valid ID (

It's multi purpose and fun. My wife uses the bottled oil extracts for blood pressure, chronic headache relief and sleep. It also stops night sweats. I bake cookies from bulk flower which help me sleep, and prevent me from playing games all night lol.

It's not harmful in any way, nor addictive in the sense that games like TotK are far more addictive. (I actually get cravings when not being able to play a game when I'm really into one). I've always had trouble sleeping and started using regularly in the 90s, just a little in the evening, watch star trek and actually sleep at a decent hour instead of regularly tossing until 6AM and having to live on 1 hour of sleep a night.

Then I moved to Canada in 2002 and basically went cold turkey. Apart from having trouble sleeping again, no other problems. Since 2018 I'm using regularly again and feel much better rested nowadays. Gone are the days that I could fall asleep while cycling and end up in a ditch due to lack of sleep. An it's fun as well before the sleepiness sets in, gonna play some more Spider-man 2 tonight and marvel at the colors and ray traced reflections :) RE8 on PSVR2 while getting high was amazing.

Also a couple times a year when I have time I take a few drops, put on my running shoes and go for a run to/in the forest along the river. It's not far from my house and once it sets in in nature it's like the world opens up, everything becomes more present, pulling you into the present, out of your head. Spring and fall are the best times for that.

It also heightens your libido, the possibilities are endless. However it's all in the dosage, too much and you'll be sinking into the couch not wanting to move, plus feeling rather groggy in the morning. Not as bad as a hangover but better not drive a car while still feeling very drowsy.
It can take up to 24h to completely clear out of your system, however once you know the after effects you can gauge when you're good to go again. Driving on lack of sleep is still far more dangerous than a bit of left over drowsiness from using the night before.
(And if you think you're actually more alert or a better driver while high, just go play Forza 8 or GT7 and see how well that goes while high :p)