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DonFerrari said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

This was before Sony started giving away their games for free as part of PS Plus subscription. Horizon FW sold 8.4 million in one year and I doubt it will leg anywhere close to 12 million as long it's part of their subscriptions program. PC will push it to over 15 million, but Sony current strategy cost them sales in long run 

Yes subs and give away may certainly cut the leg of sales short, but probably financial impact will be neutered by gain/sustain in subs. Curious to see how far can these games fare with the new strategy from Sony (saleswise and sure impact wise with the multimidia effort).

 I'm not implying Sony doesn't know what they are doing

They certainly have estathistical models to measure the financial impact of putting games as bonus of subscription services 

Just stating this will cost them sales 

Last edited by IcaroRibeiro - on 25 October 2023