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RolStoppable said:

Checking the three big European Amazon websites (UK, France, Germany), what's more interesting than their discounts for SMB Wonder and Spider-Man 2 are their sales figures over the past month on each respective site.

In the UK Spider-Man 2 did the best across the three countries with 10k+ copies sold. In France it's only 5k+, in Germany 7k+.

SMB Wonder doesn't even have a sales figure on Amazon UK, so it's probably safe to assume that it's below 5k; in any case, this lines up with the overall UK sales charts for physical games where SMB Wonder did less than SM2. In France SMB Wonder stands at 20k+, in Germany even at 40k+.

I do not think that we can extrapolate sales ratios from Amazon, but it's at least very probable that SMB Wonder did beat SM2 in France and Germany. I also doubt that SMB Wonder sold twice as well in Germany as it did in France, because I put that difference down to nothing more than different purchasing habits, meaning Germans are by default more likely to buy video games from Amazon.

It was 20k+ on Amazon UK.