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Doctor_MG said:

I wouldn't call this confirmed. It's still a rumor. However I fully believe that the Switch 2 will have a chipset that is far more customized than what we've had from Nintendo in the past.

But things like "better raytracing than PS5" or "comparable visuals" are suspect. Richard Ledbetter from digital foundry provided an excellent comparison with the Switch. Imagine if, before launch, we heard that the NX was gonna be running Doom (2016) and The Witcher 3. We would have all thought "this thing is as powerful as an Xbox One minimum". We now know what that really meant, but it's an interesting thought experiment.

Point is, don't let your imagination run wild. Switch 2 will be a considerable leap up from Switch 1, but expecting PS5 comparable games is setting yourself up for disappointment

I feel like the better ray tracing is a possibility. Because that is a thing that is advancing in hardware right now. PS5 is like 4 year old tech so I would think even though its a portable the Switch 2 could plausibly have better ray tracing using Nvidia's AI powered chips. My only question is, even if the AI chipset can do ray tracing at a much lower cost, how much power is that still gonna use? I would think ray tracing will only be turned on in docked mode, and even then I would have t to guess ray tracing will be the type of thing that gets left out of many games due to resource constraints. It's much better to use limited resources for other things than just extra cool lighting.

And i don't think anyone is saying comparable visuals to the consoles. I think its more likely Switch 2 may have nearly as good visuals at much lower settings, and only capable of that due to Nvidia's AI chips that let the system do more for less than what it takes on consoles. Like the same game as on PS5 running on Switch 2 with ray tracing turned off for performance reasons, 30fps instead of 60fps, 1080p (upscaled to that using DLSS) instead of 4k, but with only minor graphical downgrades. Something like that, a much smaller gap than Switch to Xb1/PS4. So, comparable visuals on lower settings thanks to much more advanced chips in Switch 2 that closes the gap in a way that wasn't possible when Switch was released. That I think is doable.