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Jumpin said:

Sounds very interesting, but I’m not familiar with this Podcast.
Is it trustworthy to use true sources rather than responding to rumour and non-verified sources?

Slownenberg said:

ha you can't use a word like "confirmed" when you're talking about a rumor. Confirmed would mean Nintendo announced it, not some random person.

he's not a random person.

Doctor_MG said:

I wouldn't call this confirmed. It's still a rumor. However I fully believe that the Switch 2 will have a chipset that is far more customized than what we've had from Nintendo in the past.

But things like "better raytracing than PS5" or "comparable visuals" are suspect. Richard Ledbetter from digital foundry provided an excellent comparison with the Switch. Imagine if, before launch, we heard that the NX was gonna be running Doom (2016) and The Witcher 3. We would have all thought "this thing is as powerful as an Xbox One minimum". We now know what that really meant, but it's an interesting thought experiment.

Point is, don't let your imagination run wild. Switch 2 will be a considerable leap up from Switch 1, but expecting PS5 comparable games is setting yourself up for disappointment

natedrake is a verified insider source on famiboards, resetera, etc. this is why his info pretty much means "confirmed." still, i can change the title if that appeases people.

take it as you will but, just because you don't know of someone does not mean they aren't a real source.