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natedrake has dropped his new podcast and was able to confirm that the NG Switch is capable of pushing full Ray-Tracing as well as featuring a fully custom SOC. "there is no chip that you can do a one-to-one comparison to ascertain what the next Switch is capable of."

see minute mark 44:05 and beyond in the video below:

seems Nintendo and Nvidia have struck gold. also, to be clear, the specs on the NG Switch itself are not rivaling the PS5/XSX, rather it has the capabilities to produce visuals that are comparable to PS5 and only Ray-Tracing outpaces the PS5. either way, really interesting info.

TLDR: NG Switch can produce visuals that "look" and "run faster" than anything in previous generation and are fairly future-proofed.

Last edited by NintendoPie - on 19 October 2023