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What a year, too many great games to play.

Point & Click adventures really hit their stride with Day of the Tentacle leading the pack

yet also the hilarious Sam & Max Hit the road,

The excellent Gabriel Knights: Sins of the Father

The incredibly charming Freddy Pharkus Frontier Pharmacist

The Mysterious Return to Zork

The experimental The 7th Guest

And of course the one that got many more people into PC gaming, Myst

Many more other great games that year with stealth platformer Syndicate, Star Wars X-Wing with Death star trench run, Wing Commander: Privateer, Frontier Elite II's huge leap in open space exploration, the incredible charming and addictive The Settlers

Still one of the best 4X games where you could design your own units from one of the best tech trees in strategy games, Master of Orion

A personal favorite tactical strategy game and cult classic Space Hulk

The addictive Simcity 2000 with many improvements and isometric view

More great sequels as well In Prince of Persia 2 and Alone in the Dark 2, Duke Nukem II, Populous II, Lemmings 2

Yet Doom is the one that created the most buzz thanks to shareware release of its first level. The launch of Doom was an event, everyone needed to experience it and it worked on pretty much any computer and still fun playing in a tiny window at low frame rates.

What a year!