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For me it's really hard between Myst and Phantasy Star IV.
PS IV is a great finale for the original series, blending beautifully elements of the three previous games. It's one of the best examples ever about how to end a series.
Myst is another favorite series of mine, I have them all 5+1 on my shelf! (In fact I'm just in middle of project replaying them one per year, this year's was III.) And looking both story and gameplay, I might say the first is best of them all.
This is my hardest choice yet, but I'll have to give it to Myst.

Third would be Master of Orion, definitely one of my top 3 strategy games ever. (I slightly prefer the first to second.)
Others to note from the year: Betrayal at Krondor, Simon the Sorcerer (and more less known adventures than I care to list), X-Wing, Wing Commander: Privateer and a nice Sega CD RPG Vay.