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Spindel said:
Chrkeller said:

I can't answer the first question, given I'm playing on PC. But the game is fun. It is basically Jet Set Radio. Seems smaller than Radio Future and more basic in level design. Music isn't quite as good. Don't get me wrong it is a good game. As a Jet fan I'm enjoying it but I'm not blown away.

I would suspect it runs fine on the switch. My 3050 runs it at native 4k, ultra settings locked at 60 fps. So it isn't a demanding game.


Graffiti is well done, the system is quite fun.  

Hard to be blown away by something that plays to the nostalgia of a game I played 20 years ago :) 

But I'll give it a spin in time on the Switch (I've still not finished TotK :P )

Absolutely.  It is Jet Set through and through.  With is cool since sega let the series die.  If you like jet you will like bomb.  It is spot on for what it is.