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gtotheunit91 said:
Norion said:

Larian was struggling to get split screen co-op to run well enough on the Series S to the extent that it was gonna delay the Xbox version to 2024 so Microsoft stepped in and is allowing them to release it with the Series X having that feature but not the S.

It's not just gonna be 1440p vs 4k going forward though, it's increasingly gonna be 720-900p with cutback visuals vs 1080p-1440p with better general visual quality. I'm not saying that the average gamer cares about this stuff a lot, just some. Most don't care enough to get a more powerful premium console or a powerful PC but they care enough to want a normal experience instead of a cutback one.

Definitely. Look at Immortals of Aveum. Running natively at 720p on both Series X and PS5 but being upscaled to 1080p and 1440. Consistent 60fps in Performance Mode is going to be pipedream as the generation continues. More 40-45fps consistently at best. 

Yeah and it runs at a base resolution of 436p on Series S so upscaling can only do so much to help with that currently. More games getting a 40fps option would be good for when 60 isn't doable.