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The ratio will have shifted in the past 1.5 years but this does show that for the first couple years that the Series S helped them when stock shortages were a huge issue. Going forward though I expect that its appeal will continuously decline as demanding games run increasingly rough on it.

zorg1000 said:

Makes sense to me, if I were to buy an Xbox I would definitely get the $300 S model vs the $500 X model.

I don’t think the average gamer can see any noticeable difference in the visuals or performance of games on Series S, PS5 or Series X. It’s really only the hardcore gaming enthusiasts and tech junkies that can tell the difference.

Those people care more of course but I think the average gamer will increasingly notice going forward with the cross-gen period largely over now. While Immortals of Aveum is a uniquely bad example currently as this decade goes on more and more demanding games will look really rough on the Series S.