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Chazore said:
Zkuq said:

This is crazy enough that I'm sure this has some legal basis, because there's no way Unity has not considered the legality of this. Probably the original agreement allows changes like these, and Unity has gone through the terms with a lawyer to ensure what they're doing is legal. At least that's the theory - this sounds crazy enough that I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't hold up in court.

The main issue I'm seeing so far, is that there are going to be devs who are midway through dev and then this just crops up out of nowhere (if devs had known, we would have heard of this agreement to changes made months ago). That CEO basically has the devs locked in and by the balls, metaphorically speaking. 

Something will likely come of this, but it'll probably be behind closed doors. I doubt we'll see any dev/studio coming out on Twitter to state they are getting lawyers involved (something lawyers would advise you not to do).

Oh, I absolutely agree. Despite thinking that this is probably technically legal, I still think this is a terrible move that will result in something.