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The problem is not as much that they need to pay now (Unreal Engine for instance also asks for a 5% of the sales if those go over 1M), but more that they need to pay retroactively for games that have been released long before this policy came into existance, and that they'd have to pay per install instead of per sale. These will now be wholly unprepared for that kind of extra payments to come.

Also the fact that it's a flat rate and not a percentage, which means that games with a very low price tag (Like Vampire Survivors) are punished disproportionally s they have to give away a luch larger chunk of the revenue now than they did before.

Finally, for games that are supposed to release on subscriptions services like Gamepass, it's the owner of the subscription service which would have to pay. If all current 25M Gamepass subscribers would download a game made with Unity, Microsoft would have to pay them 5M for those downloads. As a result, I expect those to become wary of games made in Unity and not let them into their subscription services anymore, as those would cost more than they'd earn from them.

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Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 13 September 2023