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JWeinCom said:

Going to the Jets home opener on Monday. I think they're going to win. The Jets can't just disappoint you, they have to make sure you have hope before they destroy it.

Hype for the Jets is huge though, so this isn't unlike previous seasons where they first have to win a couple of games to get hope up. This hope includes that Aaron Rodgers will play a year of the type "prove it one more time" and won't have a mediocre campaign like his last year in Green Bay where it was a complete team effort, including Rodger's play, of underperforming.

As for this year's Packers, the range of expectations is wide. They go from finishing last in the NFC North to making the playoffs, because so little has been seen of Love in real game action. Personally, I think the Packers will land in the middle of it, so they'll stay in the wild card race until sometime in December before they ultimately miss the playoffs. That is my expectations going in, but of course I hope that Love can make the leap and become a solid starting QB. That he becomes the face of the franchise like Favre and Rodgers before him is too good to be true; Green Bay has been blessed to have two such franchise QBs in a row, so it feels like after three decades it's their turn to be a middle of the pack team for a while. After all, they aren't a franchise with a history of having a strong defense that takes the weight off the shoulders of their QBs.

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