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curl-6 said:
ClassicGamingWizzz said:

Its a niche product for a some people, its not for everyone. Company sell cheap console wraps for fucking 50 dolars, there are special editions for game in their he store costing 99 dolars euros lmao. A controller, costs what ? That big screen is not cheap either. 

Controller prices are already a ripoff to be honest. And console wraps too. 

zorg1000 said:

I assume Sony knows it’s a relatively niche product so are selling it at a comfortable profit margin.

Also I’m not sure the price of those other devices are relevant because this device is aimed at a specific audience of people who want to play the PS5 games they already own in a handheld format. Various Switch or Xbox models can’t do that and require building a whole new library of games.

That's the thing, it offers a relatively narrow range of use cases, much more so than a lot of other things that compete for our gaming dollar. For $200 you can buy multiple big new games, or get a Backbone, a new game on top, and still pocket $30 or more. In this economy, a niche novelty is a tough sell.

If one falls within its limited focus then cool, but even among core PS fans I expect that's a small minority.

Accessories pricing is much different than console pricing with basically the objective to counterpoint their razor thin margin or even loss leading sales of consoles.

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