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Megiddo said:
Doctor_MG said:

They have a temporary price cut going on in several countries right now. It's $450 in the US. I'd say that's aggressive in the middle of August.

Nah, that's not aggressive at all. Aggressive would be like the PS4, when Sony permanently cut the base PS4 price by 5000 yen in Japan and permanently cut by $50 in USA less than two years into the life of the console. It then had a slim model in its 3rd year for $100 off the original PS4 price. Sony was really aggressive for PS4 but for the PS5, they've been the opposite since they actually raised the base MSRP in many regions around the world. 

Those circumstances are entirely different.  PS4 didn't face a global inflation and cost product increase. PS5 did. Yet Sony is now decreasing the cost of their PS5 despite it selling more YoY worldwide and almost catching up to the PS4 at a higher price. Why? Because they want to hit their FY goal. They even suggested as so. Here is a statement from Sony themselves:

"We have positioned the accelerated penetration of PS5 hardware as one of the highest priorities in this fiscal year, and we will try to work steadily to implement necessary measures to achieve hardware sales target. Towards the end of the calendar year, the first party title, Marvel Spider-Man 2, and major third-party titles are scheduled to be released as well. And we expect that the entire gaming industry and the PS platform will be greatly energized."

Just because they haven't decreased the price as fast as another console doesn't mean they aren't being aggressive.