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Doctor_MG said:
Megiddo said:

There haven't been any aggressive sales tactics thus far. In fact, the PS5 actually had a price-increase in a lot of the world, and that's something that's practically never heard of for consoles.

They have a temporary price cut going on in several countries right now. It's $450 in the US. I'd say that's aggressive in the middle of August.

Nah, that's not aggressive at all. Aggressive would be like the PS4, when Sony permanently cut the base PS4 price by 5000 yen in Japan and permanently cut by $50 in USA less than two years into the life of the console. It then had a slim model in its 3rd year for $100 off the original PS4 price. Sony was really aggressive for PS4 but for the PS5, they've been the opposite since they actually raised the base MSRP in many regions around the world. 

Last edited by Megiddo - on 11 August 2023