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trunkswd said:
Proxy-Pie said:

Hire a good web designer. Please lol. Restera has a normal mobile site, it can't be that hard to make one.

Also, what's the deal with most sales data being TBA on the front page?

When it comes to hiring a web designer we don't have the money to spend thousands overhauling the site. We have some web devs who do volunteer work helping keep things running and updating what they can. It would be yo to the site owner, ioi, to spend the money on a big overhaul. 

We changed to posting the hardware once per month when the monthly data comes in as it means the initial estimates are more accurate. We've been getting a lot of heat when we weren't spot on and had to make adjustments when monthly data came in. The reason there is TBA is because only Japan data is available right now. Europe estimates should be posted next week when that monthly data becomes available then America's once NPD/Circana is posted, followed by rest of the world, which gives us the rest of worldwide data. 

Sure this does mean hardware estimates are posted later but it also means it is more accurate than in the past. 

Well, that's kind of the issue I guess. Changing the site's trajectory would mean changes and changes would mean money. Maybe the market's just too competitive, it's not worth the investment, and the powers that be are just content to enjoy whatever income comes their way during the declining year. Certainly a respectable position, and honestly the path I would probably take. As a 90's kid I definitely have a nostalgia for web based forums, but I just don't think that's where the money is at anymore.