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Veknoid_Outcast said:
Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:

CGI actually did it, I have my old name back! Thanks dude!

That's a blast from the past!

@Deyon the forums are absolutely less active than years past, but simply by coming back and making this thread (and others), you're helping. @NintendoPie too :) Honestly, I've been more engaged than usual this past week due to the return of some familiar faces and some added frivolity on the forums.

More threads, more memes, more all helps. I don't think we can turn back the clock, but we can definitely improve.

it's fun to be back and posting some but i must say, it does feel empty. i'm so used to posting a topic and then leaving and coming back to 100 replies haha.

i think that you can see some increase in activity in the famitsu threads alone. the fact those are getting such engagement is surprising and i think this has to do with an exciting time for nintendo and playstation fans and then the microsoft acquisition engaging everyone else. there's some crazy stuff going on in the industry and that obviously leads to talking!

once the switch 2 is announced, i'm sure things will pick up even more.