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I think all of these criticisms are valid. The one that rings most true to me is the reuse of the exact same game world. It's pretty disappointing, when judged by 2023 standards.

I'm not going to run through how I agree with all these critiques. Just note that I do, to varying degrees. What I think is one of the biggest issues, and it isn't Nintendo's fault, is the fact that critic reviews largely failed to touch on these things. Basically, nearly all of the early reviews puff this thing up as one of the greatest games ever made. And, it is a great game. But, it has a whole lot of flaws too. It's disappointing that those things were not discussed in most reviews.

With all of that said, I should note that this is the first game in a while that has compelled me to play for several hours at a time, try to find times to sneak in short sessions, and otherwise has just made me want to play it as much as possible.  So, they definitely did a whole lot right.