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SvennoJ said:
Chrkeller said:

I always loved SS, best dungeons in the franchise. 8 never got the hate. The motion controls are not bad.

They were for me, hated them with a passion. But I agree, best dungeons and the sand sea was incredible. But I ultimately gave up on it due to the motion controls. I would love to play SS without them. I actually bought the remake to be able to play it without motion controls but never got to actually playing it. My kid played some on his Switch lite and I helped him a couple of times, but haven't made the time for myself to play through it again.

However I fondly remember SS for its dungeons and combat was quite enjoyable too when the motion controls cooperated. However I had a high failure rate with them, often doing a different move than intended. Gesture based motion controls just don't work for me.

Best looking and best rewards for exploring is still Wind Waker. Sailing the ocean discovering new things was awesome. Plus you get to go under water! Windwaker's dungeons are second best after SS. BotW doesn't even come close to either.

BotW/TotK feel more like AC games. Throw everything at it then most people will find something to like and get sucked into an addictive repetitive game play loop. Plus most people never finish games and will just play the bits they like and move on.

The switch analog controls are pretty amazing.  Major improvement over motion.  It was worth the add.

How WWHD isn't on the switch is a mystery.  That game is superb.


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