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Valdney said:

Your perception of developers not wanting us to be locked in a certain place for hours makes a lot sense but I actually agree with that idea. That is why I used Hyrule castle as what I think is the  perfect example for what I was trying to say, because you’re never actually locked in there, you’re free to explore the place however you want, Hyrule castle feels like an expansion of the world in an indoors settings. It’s perfect! 

As for the necessity of puzzles in the Zelda universe, that is a whole other conversation. I don’t think they are. People who grew up with OoT tend to think they are and I don’t blame them. But I think the LoZ series would be way more fun if they ditched the puzzles and  was more like a light hearted Elden Ring or the original LoZ for that matter. 

Puzzles are overrated. 

Puzzles are amazing wdym. 

I always found them to be much more fun than combat in Zelda series. Zelda suffers from a problem of being way too easy to truly have a fun combat, and that's likely never change if they want to keep the games accessible enough for kids and early teens

Although maybe I'm wrong. Horizon has a very fun combat, because you can have lot of options of how to fight and explore enemies weakness. And is a game "easy enough" for a 6 years old to beat, granted in the easiest mode

Maybe if they changed their enemy design to make the fights having more depth then it could work