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Zarkho said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

How dare you to slander my boy like that? Reported

But really, I love my Sages... I just hate how unreliable they are. But not Tulin, Tulin is amazing, helped me paragliding and frequently give headshots at enemies, gamechanging

I really like how Tulin's hability helps paragliding faster... But I HATE how easy is to have it activate it on the ground, sending your stuf (like orbs or monster parts) away... Same with the other companions abilities, it's anoying have them unpourposedly activated (Specially the Yunobo Fireball, it destroys or scares bugs, birds and lizards whenever I'm trying to quietly aproach them  -.-' )

Tulin is by far the Sage I activate the less by accident, because he's a ranged unit, while the other 3 are all meele units. Unless you only fight with bows the odds is that you will never be as close as Tulin as the others Sages. 

Riju being a meele unit when her abilities needs your archery to be activated is something that still bothers me, because she often run towards the enemy and you can't use her 

Overall the control schema to the Sages are AWFUL. By far the worst mechanic of this game, it's was clearly not well tested.